Protecting Your Retirement Income From Market Volatility | Annuity Basics ~ Episode #2

41 minutes

 Remember 2008?  Sure you do.  That was the year of the financial crisis, when the stock market lost nearly 40% of its value and shrank the assets that millions of baby boomers were counting on to fund their retirement.

Of course the markets rebounded.  So no worries right...... Right?

Well it's true that during the years you're saving for retirement if the market drops you may have time to rebuild your assets that are subject to market volatility. but once you start withdrawing your money that's when market volatility can have a big impact on how long your assets will last and how comfortable you can live in retirement.  

 In this webinar you will learn:

  • How You Can Use Annuities For Retirement Income
  • What an Annuity Is
  • The Different Types of Annuities
  • How Annuities Work
  • The Benefits of an Annuity
  • Major Misconceptions About Annuities
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 If you would like help from a professional who can guide you, Jennifer Lang can assist you. Connect directly with a financial professional. You can request a personal strategy session to discuss your needs and goals. 


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