Are fixed indexed annuities primed for growth?

41 minutes

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Concerns about the spread of the coronavirus and a global financial slowdown are driving deep dips in the stock market. Retirement portfolios are not immune to market volatility, worrying some savers that they may lose valuable assets they’ve been stashing away.  

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to generate regular income payments that you won't out live 
  • How fixed indexed annuities work? 
  • How to earn a competitive rate of return, defer taxes and not sacrifice safety. 
  • How to protect your beneficiaries from a large tax burden. 
  • 5 common questions about fixed indexed annuities.  

If you are thinking about retirement, speak with us today. We have helped hundreds of clients prepare for and protect their financial futures. Give us the opportunity to help you too.  

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